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  • Can I attach songs?
  • How do I attach files?
  • Can I upload audio files?
  • Can I share my uploaded music files?
  • How much storage space is available for my "Attachment List" files?
  • Can I get more storage space?
  • How many files may I have in my storage?
  • Who's responsible for my storage?


  • What does it cost to use the site?
  • How many people may use the account?
  • With so many people using my account how safe is the information and can anyone change what I’ve done?
  • Do you have such and such song and how do I get it?
  • I’m not on a team and I am an administrator now what?
  • How do I find a replacement?
  • What happens if a replacement is using an instrument or voice which is different from their primary instrument or voice?
  • Do I need to email the team after I “change” an event?
  • How do I add members?
  • How do I add teams?
  • When and how am I billed?
  • What happens when I cancel a team? Do I loose everyone’s information?
  • How do I contact

Sheet Music

  • Does Scorch and the 1Christian.Net Worship Planner, Rockin With The Cross or1CN Sheet Music Store downloadable sheet music work on Mac?
  • What is Sibelius? What is Scorch?
  • I've installed Scorch, but all I see is a box where the music should be.
  • When viewing Sheet Music, I get the error message: "The score is corrupt or missing"
  • How do I playback songs with Scorch?
  • Can I save Scorch Files?
  • Why do I lose transpositions I make in the piece when I move off the page?
  • Why can I only see the first page of the music?
  • Can I Use Scorch with Linux?
  • Will songs purchased be added to my Songbook in the 1CN Worship Planner™?
  • What is SongBucks™?
  • How Do I get SongBucks™?
  • Notes print as text characters / font problems
  • Tried to print several copies but it didn't work.
  • Web page printed correctly but with no music or staves on it.
  • The music doesn't fit on the paper or is cropped off
  • Staff lines and note stems missing, uneven or have rounded ends.
  • Arpeggios (vertical wavy lines) or glissandos (diagonal wavy lines) mispositioned.
  • Alternate pages are missing
  • Keyboard braces missing or wrong size
  • No paper came out of the printer
  • My printer ran out of paper
  • If there is still a printing problem...
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