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You Are Not Alone
Third Day

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You Are Not Alone
Third Day
(the Alien CD single)
tabbed by: gregg r. powers
the chords:
F#:244322 A:577655 B:799877
F# (high):x9 11 11 11 9

F# - A - E - B

A-A - B - F# (x3)
A-A - B - F# (high) last time

F# - A - E - B
frankly, being from the north, i really can't understand Mac Powell's singing at all. (just kidding!) just parts of the chorus and a word or two here and there are understandable. but this song rocks and has some good solos in it (if you can find it anywhere)
my best guesses at lyrics:
I am always here
how does it make you feel to know
you are not alone
even when you cry, I will hold you tight
and sing, don't you be afraid

just don't care
make it all better
lay your burdens
there is nothin' that i wouldn't do for you

i am gonna be with you here and everywhere
and you know that you're not alone
i am gonna love you without (?)
and you know that you're not alone,
you are not alone
u tight
and sing, don't you be afraid

just don't care
printed from

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