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Conspiracy #5
Your Love Endures Forever
Third Day
Conspiracy #5

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Group: Third Day
CD: Conspiracy no.5
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(Note:  I don’t know the actual names of these chords, but they are explained at the end.)
D                     D2
Though the treasures of this life may fade,
D3                        D4    hammeron D
Your love endures forever
D                                  D2
They will pass away, the things that man has made,
D3                     D4 hammeron D
But Your love endures forever

Bm                           E
No I can't explain or even understand
Bm                      E
Why You gave Your life to save sinful man
D                    E
But I know it's true, I've seen it myself
G            D                    Dsus
Yes Your love endures forever
Though the seasons change with the passing time
Your love endures forever
And the sun will fade if just for the night
Your love endures forever
No I can’t explain or even understand
Why you gave your life to save sinful man
But I know it’s true, I’ve seen it myself
Yes Your love endures forever
(instrumental/“nana” interlude,  D to Dsus and back a few times)
Though our pains and joys will come and go
You love endures forever
Even in my fears I will always know
(keep playing D3)
That Your love endures
(still keep playing D3)
Yes Your love endures
Bm         E
Forever   Oh oh
Bm         E
Woh woh, oh oh
Oh forever, oh oh
Woh woh, oh oh
(instrumental ending)
Note:  This is just how the record
ends the song, you might find repeating
God’s love endures forever
and fading out would work better, especially
if you don’t happen to have some
violin players nearby.)
CHORDS:  (Start with D, then...)
-1------ 0-------2------2-----------------
D2   D3    D4     D
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