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Carry My Soul
Phil Wickham
Capo 6
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I want to hear you say well done
I want to be welcomed in
I want to feel Your love like sunshine on my resurrected skin.
I want to hear the music play
I want to hear the trumpet sound
I want to hear You call my name, and watch my feet lift off the ground

So I will run Ooh and I won't quit.
Chasing your heart, just like David did
And I'll come running through the gates
Look into your face, oh I can hardly wait
Until You carry my soul, carry my soul away
Until You carry my soul, carry my soul away, oh oh oh
When everything is said and done
And death has met its end
I want to hear You call me son, be counted as Your faithful friend
I want to see Your eyes like fire
I want to see the scars that bled
Oh, won't You take me higher, the place where angels fear to tread

And I will keep my lamplight burning in the night
And I’ll be waiting here for You, watching for all Your signs.
If I may be so bold to ask You, would You lend Your ear to me, oh Lord
Come quickly
  • © 2013 Phil Wickham Music (Admin. by Music Services, Inc.) Seems Like Music (Admin. by Music Services, Inc.) Sing My Songs (Admin. by Mus
  • Phill Wickham
  • 7003122
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