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I Wonder As I Wander
Christmas Music
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Words: Traditional Apalachian (American) Folksong
Tune: I Wonder, Traditional Apalachian (American) Folksong
1 I wonder as I wan -der out under the sky
2 When Mary birthed Je - sus, 'twas in a cows' stall,
3 If Jesus had want-ed for any wee thing:
4 I wonder as I wan -der out under the sky,
1 How Jesus, the Sav-ior, did come for to die.
2 With wisemen and far-mers and shep-herds and all
3 A star in the sky, or a bird on the wing;
4 How Jesus, the Sav-ior did come for to die
1 For poor, ornery peo-ple like you and like I
2 But high from God's hea-ven a star's light did fall,
3 Or all of God's an -gels in heaven to sing,
4 For poor, ornery peo-ple like you and like I
1 I wonder as I wan-der, out un - der the sky.
2 And the promise of a - ges it then did re -call.
3 He surely could have had it, 'cause He was the King!
4 I wonder as I wan-der, out un - der the sky.
Chord Voicings:
C/b5 X34010
Am6/7 X04010 Am9 X02000
Bsus4/b6 X34000
Emsus2 024000
Bsus4 X24400
(I don't know if all the chord names are right, but the voicings work.
Something like Am6/7 might be Am6sus7 or Am7sus6. I have no idea.)
If you need to simplify, drop some of the chords for the
passing tones --G5, Am6/7, C/b5, Bsus4, etc.)

  • John Jacob Niles
printed from

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