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God Put A Rainbow
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Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord
Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord
Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord
And he landed high and dry.
The Lord looked down from his window in the sky
He said, “I created man, but I don’t remember why.
There’s nothin’ but fightin’ since creation day
I’m gonna send a little water and wash ‘em all away.”
The Lord came down to look around for a spell
And there was Mr Noah behavin’ mighty well.
And that is the reason that the Scriptures record
That old Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.
Well, the Lord told Noah, “There’s gonna be a flood.
There’s gonna be some water and there’s gonna be some mud.
Take off your hat, Noah, take off your coat.
Take Ham, Shem and Jeff and build yourself a boat.”
Noah said, “Lord, its getting mighty dark.”
The Lord said, “Noah, get those creatures on the ark.
Take up each creature, a he and a she
And of course, Mrs Noah and your whole family.”
Well, the ark rose up on the bosom of the deep
And after 40 days Mr Noah took a peep.
“We’re not movin’, Lord, we’re stayin’ where we’re at.”
And the Lord said, “You’re sittin’ right on Mt. Ararat.”
Noah said, “Lord, it’s gettin’ mighty dry.”
The Lord said, “Noah, see my rainbow in the sky.
Take all your creatures and your people of the earth;
But be sure you’re not more trouble than you’re worth.
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