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I only managed to find a handful of tabs for this song and they were all a little
off. This probably isn't going to be exact but it's as close as i'll ever be able
to get it, and closer than anything else out there i could find.
Uppercase= lefthand notes. play halfnotes on beats one and three, keeping tempo
lowercase= play higher with the right hand (still holding out the lower notes)
1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 1+2+3+4+
1e+a 2e+a 3e+a 4e+a 1e+a 2e+a 3 e +a 4e+a
G ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- - - -- ----
D 66-6 66-6 77-7 77-7 99-9 99-9 1010-11----
A 66-6 66-6 77-7 77-7 99-9 99-9 1010-9 ----
E 44-4 44-4 55-5 55-5 77-7 77-7 8 8 -9 ---- (repeat)

there is something more
hello, we're going down
the hallway to the door
we know there's something more our
soul has got a hole
We know, but what's it waiting for?
Scattered in the streets
like dreams and gasoline
The things we wanna be are
Scattered in the streets
And if we're coming clean, we
seem to know we're incomplete

How do we feel, How do we feel?
My generation is aching for real
Dying for love, crying for truth
My generation is aching for you
A country of our own
is all we're asking for
A place to call our home
A country of our own
We know it must be close
Our souls are searching through (the cold 3X)
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The Chords i use:
E -0---0---0---
B -0---0---0---
G -3---2---3---
D -2---2---2---
A -2---0---0---
E -0---0---0---
E am2 A2
you should know the rest of the chords, i just wanted to show how i'm playing the
am2 and A2, since I couldn't find anywhere else with the correct chords.
I can't say that i'm 100% positive about these, but it's a really simple way of
playing it that sounds great along with the CD, and the simplest way is usually
best way anyway (i might update this once i get the sheet music)
Well, it's done! This is my first tab, and I added a few litte things here and
there to make things a little easier to read and help with the rhythms, so let me
know how I did, what i should keep doing or change. . . etc.
  • ©2006 Birdwing Music / Fieldstar Music / YuHu Publishing / Songs Only Dogs Can Hear
  • Doug McKelvey, Tim Neufeld, Jon Neufeld, & Shaun Huberts
  • 4802464
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