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Somewhere Down The Road
Amy Grant
Somewhere Down The Road

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Somewhere Down the Road
Amy Grant
Chords by: John Hughes,
A D/A | A |
So much pain and know the reason why
D Bm | E E7 |
Cried until the tears ran dry
A D/A | A |
Nothing here can make you understand
D Bm |
The one thing that you held so dear
E/G# A |2/4 F#m |
Is slipping from your hands (and you say)
4/4E E/G# A - |2/4 F#m
Why, why, why
|4/4 Bsus2 |
Does it go this way
E E/G# A - |2/4 F#m
Why, why, why
|4/4 Bsus2 B |
All I can say
F#m E/G# A -
Somewhere down the road
| D A |
There'll be answers to the questions
F#m E/G# A -
Somewhere down the road
| D E |
Though we cannot see it now
Bm E/G# F#m -
Somewhere down the road
| D C#7 |2/4 C#7 |
You will find mighty arms reaching for you
4/4 D A/C# Bm7 - |
And they will hold the answers
2/4 D/E |
At the end of the road

- |
A D/A | A |
Yesterday I thought I'd seen it all
D Bm | E E7 |
I thought I'd climbed the highest wall
A D/A | A |
Now I see the learning never ends
D Bm | E/G# A |
And all I know to do is keep on walking
2/4 F#m |
Walking round the bend

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