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Every Time I Breathe
Every Time I Breathe
Big Daddy Weave
Every Time I Breathe
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I am sure, all of Heaven's heard me cry, as I
tell you all the reasons why this life is just too hard;
But day by day, without fail I'm finding everything I need
In everything that You are to me

Every time I breathe You seem a little bit closer
I never wanna leave, I want to stay in Your warm embrace
Oh, basking in the Glory shining from Your Face and
Every time I get another glimpse of Your Heart,
I realize it is true, that You are so marvelous God
And I am so in love with You
Now how could I after knowing One so great
Respond to You in any way that’s less than all I have to give
But by Your grace I want to love You not with what I say
But everyday in a way that my life is lived

Wrapped in Your mercy I want to live and never leave
I am held by how humble yet overwhelmed by Your majesty
Captured by grace and now I’m finding I am free
You are marvelous God and knowing You is everything

I’m so in love with You!
  • ©2006 Word Music, LLC / Weave Country / Pocket Full Of Rocks Publishing / Dog Named David Music
  • Michael Farren, Andy Cloninger, & Mike Weaver
  • 4807971
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