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Golden Opportunities
Babette Rios
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Missed Opportunities_I came across a man once when I was visiting a small town called Yarnell with
my mom and my infant daughter. He was demon-posessed, and he looked wild. Most people just
avoided him. I avoided him because I had my infant daughter with me, and I was worried about her
safety. As I passed by him, the man said quietly under his breath, "I am sorry", because he knew
he was bound. Another voice came from the ban, a deeper voice that mocked "Are you leaving so
soon?" I regret that I didn't share Jesus with this man.
The next day in the same town, I was at a cafe that had a bar on the opposite side of the
building. I was eating a meal with my mom and infant daugher, when a woman who was visibly drunk
came to our table, and asked our opinion about somehting-I can't remember what it was about, but I
do remember looking out the window at her husband, and the pain in his face I will never forget.
he was waiting with their babies, and for her to get in the car so they could go. I often have
wondered how long he could hold on to his lover for her. AFter she left, I remember my mom saying
to me, she should have been more concerned about what her husband thought. I just wish that I had
told her about Jesus.
I saw a man with a demon inside of him. (2xs)
But fear kept me from speaking out Your name, and so he remained...
Yes, I saw a man with a demon inside of him.
I saw a woman bound by alcohol. (2xs)
She was more concerned about fitting in than about her husband and her babies that
she left waiting in the car.
Yes, I saw a woman bound by alcohol.
But fear kept me from speaking out your name, and so she remained...
Yes, I saw a woman she was bound by alcohol.
I wonder if her husband is still hanging on-hoping for the light.
I wonder if the man is still demon-posessed or if he will ever have freedom inside.
And so, I just pray, because I let the mo-ment slip away..
Don't let the moments slip away.
  • Babette Rios
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