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disc (sounds pretty cool), but I think the song stands alone, so I decided to post
my first tab. Let me know if you find mistakes (I'm sure there are some). I do not
have the music break in there (sorry, I play accoustic solo, so no break). If anyone
else has figured it out, please post it and let me know. Thanks and God Bless!
There’s a man who stands in the cold wind tonight
And he greets everyone passing by
With a smile and a ringing bell
And the song that he’s playing, is his own way of saying
Love is here, it’s the music of Christmas
And there’s a lady who sits all alone with her thoughts
And the memories of all that she’s lost
When she hears a sound at her door
And a song comes to find her, as a gentle reminder
Love is here, it’s the music of Christmas
So listen, listen with your heart
And you will hear a song in the laughter of a child
Oh won’t you listen for the sound of hope
And you will hear the music of Christmas
For the music of Christmas is love
So light the fire, tell the family to gather around
And the walls will echo the sound
Of memories that are and will be
And their voices, like a chorus, will sing it so sweetly for us
Love is here, it’s the music of Christmas
Long ago, a baby was born in the night
And as He let out His very first cry
The sound was bringing hope alive
Stars were shining, angels singing all heaven and earth was ringing
Love is here, this is the music of Christmas
  • ©1995 Sparrow Song / Peach Hill Songs
  • Steven Curtis Chapman
  • 1854034
printed from

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