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Kepano Green
Waiting For Daylight
  1. A
  2. Bb
  3. B
  4. C
  5. Db
  6. D
  7. Eb
  8. E
  9. F
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You walked on the ocean gave sight to the blind
You turned jars of water to the finest of wine
And with a touch of your hand
A lame man was able to stand and walk upright
And he said “It’s a miracle, my God, it’s a miracle”
Just like that lame man I am in need
Just a leapor, I am unclean
And it’s hard to believe that your hand of
compassion would go beyond my disease
And I feel you touching me, I feel you healing me
And I know, oh, Your love is a miracle
Your love is a miracle
And I know, oh, Your love is a miracle
Your love is a miracle and it’s happening now
Every day new wonders are seen
Your strong hand of mercy you’ve held out to me
I have not done a thing, I have not done a thing
to deserve your love for me
But you’re givin’ it freely (givin’ it freely)
And I know it’s all I need
(Other Parts)
Tell me because I’ve been blind that I really see you
It’s only because I’ve been broken I know what it means to really
need you
And I know...... (rest of chorus)
(Back to Chorus - Free Worship)
G 320033
C? x30233
Am x02210
C x32020
Bm x24432
A x03330
F 133211
D xx0232
  • ©2000
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