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"Piece of Glass" by Caedmon's Call
>From "Intimate Portrait"
Words and music by Danielle (Glenn) Young and Derek Webb
Copyright © 1997 Cumbee Road Music (ASCAP)
Transcribed by
High-strung means that the third through sixth strings (eadg) are the
small strings from a set of 12-string guitar strings, so they are an
octave higher than normal. This creates a distinctive sound, but the
cool thing is that you can use exactly the same fingerings on a normal
guitar and it sounds fine.
Bm X24432 (or X20432 back-strum first time)
A* X040XX (or X04030)
Gx 3200XX (G)
Em7 010000
G6 320000
G6/A X00000
D X00232 (D/A)
E7 020100
D/F# 200232
G2 320203
G 320003
G/A X00003
A7sus X02030
A7 X02020
Bm A* Gx
I can't believe that I did it again
Bm A* Em7 Bm
Wake me up from this nightmare
Bm A* G6 D
'Cause this monster's filling me up
E7 G6 G6/A
Filling me out
Bm A* Gx
Everyday I live a bit less
Bm A* Em7
One night leads to another
Bm A* G6 D
Even if I went back they wouldn't
E7 G6
Recognize me
E7 G6 G6/A
Criticize me

D D/F# G2
Who are you that lies when you stare at my face
E7 G G/A
Telling me that I'm just a trace
D D/F# G2
Of the person I once was 'cause I just can't tell
E7 G
If you're telling the truth or a lie
E7 G
On you I just can't rely
E7 G G/A (Bm)
After all you're just a piece of glass

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