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Scum SweetHeart By Audio Adrenaline (thanks Joel)
Here is the Riff for the whole song
I hope this makes sense cause I'm not sure exactly how it's supposed to
be done :)
^ ^ ^
x- don't play that string!
~- let it vibrate
*- Mute String
\- slide down
/- slide up
On the chords (marked with a ^) you play down once then quick up and then
mute the strings and then up and down twice again.. you have to kinda here
the song to get it
We walk hand in hand 'til life does us part
me and the world, my scum sweetheart
We met long ago with a flirt and a stare
together ever since, a lethal love affair
I tried to get out, to get up and go
I was afraid of the fall, the vertigo
You made me suffer, guilt was your game
you had control of what I became
A rotten romance if I'd stayed I'd die
t'was a fond farewell, when I said goodbye
Now I'm free, on solid ground
no more of you pushing me around
You're my scum sweetheart
You're the world, you broke my heart
You're my scum sweetheart
You're the world, you broke my heart
You're the world, full of lies
how could I think of compromise?
It seems to me a solitaire affair
I was in need, but you didn't care
Please stay away, heartbreaker
you're not gonna be my soul taker
I've got friends that want to see you
They'd stay away if they had a clue
It's a black heart that I see
it's evil, it's bad and all in between
Whatever it is I'll do my part
to keep you from being their scum sweetheart
*** (: Signature :) ***
From: Mike Upton (alias Third_Day)
!God Bless You!
"God the father who cared enough to send his son
God the son who cared enough to die for our sins
God The spirit who cared enough to fill our lives"
printed from

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