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Song: Lighthouse
Album: Some Kind Of Zombie
Words and Music: Audio Adrenaline
E E7 E E7
Bouncing like a buoy, Drifting on the water
E E7 E E7
Singultary solitude, man begins to holler
E A7 E E7
He says, "man overboard"
E E7 E E7
I Jump ship, on the trip. It was a world wide cruise.
E E7 E
Trading riches, for some fishes. I've got nothing more to lose.
E A7
I'm a man overboard
E Am7
I'm a man overboard

E E7 E E7
If it wasn't for the lighthouse, where would my life be?
E E7 E E7
On a ship bound for nowhere, on an unforgiving sea.
Am7 E
I thank God, for the light
Legs and arms are burning, swim against the tide.
Keep an eye above water, so I can see the light.
I'm a man overboard.
I dream about the Savior, I dream about the shore.
I feel the sand, you take my hand, and we walk forever more.
I'm a man overboard
I'm a man overboard.
The rest is just variations of what I've already got here. This is a
very easy song to play; but, if anyone has a better version, or, a
comment then mail me at:
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