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Dear potential member of Rockin' with the Cross;

After five years of being available free of charge, we could no longer afford to carry the costs of the site. We at had come to a crossroad. We had the choice of closing down the site or finding another way to cover the costs. Since we did not want to close the site without a fight, we chose to charge a nominal membership fee.

It has been our privilege to host Rockin' with the Cross since 1997. In 1997, Chad Powell, the originator of the site, approached us to be the host to the site because he could no longer cover the site costs. On November 18, 1999, Chad died in a tragic accident at Texas A&M while helping build the bonfire. While the site is still true to Chad's original concept, we have replaced most of the programming to keep up with technology.

Over the years, we have had various challenges to keep this site open. We have taken each challenge on and persevered. We asked you to help us with this challenge and as a result we can pay our bills.

There are two ways to pay the membership fee. You can pay by credit card and get immediate access. Or, you can pay by check and we will activate your membership on receipt of the check. You are paying a membership fee that covers the administrative costs of the site. You are not paying for the tablature. There are no other fees to use the site.

For your convenience there are three billing options from which to choose. There is the bill monthly option at US$3.95 per month (only available if paid by credit card), the bill semiannually option at US$23.70 for six months and bill annually option at US$47.00 for a year. Once you sign-up by credit card to use the site, we will charge you automatically every month, every six months or annually, depending upon the billing option you choose. You can cancel your membership as of the next billing date anytime. Log in and click on "my account," then "view billing" and then click on "cancel." Or you can email us and we will cancel the billing for you. You can use the site until the next billing date. Then, when you want to use the site again, reactivate your membership by logging-in and click on my account, then view billing and follow the instructions.

We are attempting to charge a fee that will not prohibit anyone from using the site. We have considered many other fee structures and payment options. We have tried to take into consideration everyone's ability to pay and other ramifications of which we are aware.

We understood that some of you would be angry that you have to pay. The only other choice was to close the site and we did not want to do that.

Contact us by E-mail using the "contact us" feature on the menu bar. E-mails are scheduled to be answered 9 AM, Eastern Time, Monday through Saturday. Please send us a detailed message so that we can act upon your request. Be sure to include your name and the name used to set up the account. Including your user id, city and state would also be helpful. Please include your phone number so we can call if we have a problem.

We thank-you for your support of this site.


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