What is Rockin With The Cross?

For more than 13 years RWTC has provided Christian chord chart and tablature archive for use with guitar, piano, bass and horn. We are the longest running praise and worship, contemporary, and rock music tab site on the web.

Who should use this site?

If you need chord charts or tabs to use for worship, then you should use this site. If you are a guitar player, keyboard player, bass player, or worship leader then you need this site. If you need charts for the latest music or old songs, then you need Rockin With The Cross.

Want to see an Example?

Try out an interactive chart for “Amazing Grace.”

What Do I Get?

You get unlimited access to the entire archive of music, traditional and contemporary, and all other technological advances that are constantly being upgraded. Upgrades include special software tuners to online songbooks, favorites, special articles, free exclusive music offers and much more…

How Much Does It Cost?

Unlimited access for just $4.95/month. Average that over 30 days and its cheaper than well... a lot of things. You can also sign up for a semi-annual or year-long account. It also may be sent as a gift to your worship leader or pastor.

How Do You Get Your Music?

This is all made possible by you. Song Writers and Musicians from all over the globe, create their own songs and arrangements and add to our archive, which is then reviewed and shared with all of our users. Send some new chord charts or tabs and we’ll give you a free month.

Is This Legal?

The archive has always been legal. Though you must follow certain conditions specified in the law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) The writer and lyricist deserve to be compensated for their work. As believers we should follow this. Please contact CCLI, or Church Copyright Administration to acquire your public usage rights.

How Do I Sign Up?

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      The set list feature is designed for you to be able to create sets of songs.

      1. Click Create Set List
      2. Add a song by click Add To

      1. When on any page with a list of songs, you can drag-n-drop a song into your list.
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      1. Share your set list with others
      2. Use it to display songs while practicing/performing
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      1. Change the order of the songs by simply dragging to the desired location
      2. Change/save the default song key for each song