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Just thought I'd give some info
Posted By: Rose About Me
Posted On: 11/10/2009 5:27:39 PM

Just a brief on 2 visions 1 last month and another just two days ago.

On 22nd October 2009 a 12 year old boy had a vision while he was praying he heard a voise saying "I AM" and gave him this passage John 1:29. He saw Angel Gabriel and Angel Michael and he saw Satan too. This vision came with a warning for my country

to observe the 10 Commandments or a sign will come, a tidal wave

will heat, we just missed one last month but this one will reach 7 km in land. (Read below, some of the text are in bislama our national language based from english language)

1st vision:

John 1:29

The next day john saw Jesus coming to him, and said, “here is the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!

Due to the following events that happened to my family, I strongly believe that we are in the last days and the return of Jesus is sooner. I believe the following events that happened to my 12 year old son Nicholson is a warning for all of us that Jesus is coming soon and that we should prepare ourselves so that we are ready when he returns. I share this with you because I do not want to have to explain myself to Jesus come judgment day if he asks me why I kept the warning to myself.

These events are detailed in the order in which they occurred:

Thursday 22, October, 2009 around 8:30 pm

Every Tuesday and Thursday evening is family worship at my home. After worship this particular evening, I realized that Nick was still in prayer, hands clutched together and head still bowed. We ignored him and went about our own ways. About 3 minutes later, I suddenly realized that Nick was crying (inner cry – where not much sound but heavy flow of tears) and he was clinging on to the bible. His mother rushed to him, talked to him but he was lost in his dreams – sort of dozed off. About 2 minutes later, he came back to us (realized that we surrounded him). And he started talking to us. This is what he said:

Nick Speaking:

“taem umi stap prayer mi harem wan voice I singaotem mi. Voice ia I talem lo mi se mbae mi readim John 1:29 (given above). After mi readim verse ia (hemi bin openem bible ia I stap lo scripture ia nao), mi harem wan voice I singaotem mi. Taem mi lukluk antap, mi luk light blo umi (referring to the bulb in the sitting room) I shine we I shine, light we I kamaot I strong we I strong (very bright) and wan very loud voice olsem man I toktok lo loudspeaker I talem lo mi se: “I AM”. Man ia hemi wan olfala man mo soa I fulap lo body blo hem”.

After sharing this with us, that very instant he stopped, kind of dozed off again. He threw his hands in the air as if protecting himself from something bad. We waited for him to come back to us; his mother continued to shake his head; When he eventually did (about 1 minute later) he told us he saw Satan, (he did not descripe what Satan looked like), but he said it was Satan, and Satan hemi talem lo hem se: “Why nao yu listen lo man ia”?

Nick dozed off again…he appeared very weak and shaky. His mother and myself tried to talk to him but he could not hear us. We called a family Friend, Brother Eddie Satungia, but his phone was on the a/machine. We managed to get Nick to the car and we drove to Eddys house.

Along the way, Nick kept coming to us and then dozed off again. Each time he came back he would tell us what he saw or heard. Approaching Grace Baptist Church (Bladiniers Estate), he turned to his mother and said: “Mummy, olfala man ia we I toktok lo mi lo haos ia hemia I stap aotside”.

Approaching Tagabe roundabout, he said: “Mummy, angel Gabriel I fly aotside lo truck blo umi.”

When his mother asked how he knew it was Gabriel, he responded: “Lo head blo hem I gat wan strap I raonem hed blo hem, lo strap ia oli writem Gabriel”.

Approaching Au bon Marche Tebakor he literally screamed to his mother saying : “Mummy!, I gat blood I kam through lo kappa blo truck blo umi”.

I was driving the car, and upon hearing all this I was shaking all over. However, I managed to utter some words of prayer thanking God for revealing himself to my son and asking him to give me strength and wisdom through all of this.

Approaching Lycee school, he told his mother: “mummy, I gat light lo foret blo umi, insaed lo light ia oli writem ‘KING OF KINGS’, angel I say umi mas folem light ia”.

By now we are at the T – Junction, (VMF Barracks), his mother told him we had to get to Eddy first. He told his mother: “Angel Gabriel I talem se tata Eddy hemi wan servant blo God. Angel I talem too se lo naet ia mi mbae mi silip wetem tata Eddy”.

We got safely to Eddys house and we prayed with brother Eddy. I told eddy what the angel had said. I insisted that Eddy come spend the night with us. However, Eddy explained that he would be with Nick in Prayer, not physically present with Nick. So we left Eddy’s house after Eddie assured me that Nick has received anointing from God but his body was too young to contain the anointing which is why he appeared weak and shaky and that God has revealed himself to Nick. He reiterated Joel 2:28

“Afterwards I will pour out my Spirit on everyone: your sons and daughters will proclaim my message; your old people will have dreams, and your young people will see visions”.

We stepped outside Brother Eddy’s house. I was supporting Nick to walk him back to the car (he was still weak). He stopped just outside the door and whisphered to me saying:

“Tata, Angel Gabriel I stap antap lo kappa blo truck blo umi”.

I wasn’t sure what to say or do so I turned and insisted that brother Eddie walk us back to the car which he did. By the time I started the car engine, Nick said:

“Light ia I kam bakeken. Lo light ia oli raetem ‘King of Kings’. Angel Gabriel I se umi mas folem light ia, sapos light ia I lus, wan lo umi lo family mbae I tet”.

You could imagine me that night, stepping on the car speeding pedal; I got my driving license last month and I have never exceeded 80km/h. That night, I exceeded my speed limit. I was scared that Nick will lose sight of the light and something terrible will happen to my family. We followed the light to VMF Barracks where Nick instructed that the light is at the Hospitality institution (freswota road); when we got there he said it (the light) is now at the ‘nabanga’ (opposite housing cooperation). Driving toward the Nabanga I prayed that we must not stop at the nabanga – you all know what’s there!! Fortunately, when we got to the Nabanga, he said the light is at Fresh wota Mini market, from there to GO Vanuatu to Wilco to LTP to ministry of Health to Cathedral to Chew Store to Center Point. Nick was screaming at me when we got to Center Point. He said: “hurry up tata, light ia lo Unelco finis”. We got to Unelco and he said it is at Eric Wong. We got to Eric Wong and he said to turn the vehicle toward Municipal. When I turned the car, he said in a very sad voice: “light ia I lus finis”. I panicked and I asked him if the light is really gone. By this time I had stoped the vehicle not knowing what to do. We were right next to the Chinese take away opposite Video World. Nick asked me to reverse the car which I did. Suddenly, with a soft but amazing tone of voice, he said: “hemia”. I asked where. Nick said:

“Light ia I stap lo door blo store ia, lo light ia oli writem KING OF KINGS. Angel Gabriel I talem lo mi se i gat wan music CD I stap insaed ia mo tittle blo wan singsing hemi King of Kings. Angel hemi say mi mas tekem CD ia mo mi mas listen lo song ia. “.

We sat there in the car awaiting his next instruction. After a few minutes, he said: “Angel I talem lo mi se tomorrow taem mi go long school, mi no mas breakem ol 10 commandments. Sapos mi breakem 10 commandment mbae wan tet I happen lo family.

We sat there just waiting for his next instruction; for him to just say something. He said nothing. I hesitantly asked him if we can go home. He said yes. We drove home quietly. I could hear their mother muttering words of prayer on our way home. I said nothing.

We stopped at the gas station at Tagabe for gas. While refilling the car, Nick turned slowly and said: “Mummy, Angel I talem se tonight utufala (his mother and myself) I mas pray 1 hour taem mi sleep blo helpem mi from se tomorrow mbae mi no breakem 10 commandment”. His mother said yes and we drove home. We got to Grace Baptist Church and he spoke up again. He said: “Angel Gabriel I say prayer blo utufala tonight mbae hemi singsing nomo”.

When I turned the car into our home yard, he sat up very startled. He turned to his mother and said: “ Mummy, Angel Michael I stap antap lo kappa blo haus blo umi”. To which, his mother asked how he knew it was angel Michael. He responded: “I gat wan belt I raonem hed blo hem, lo belt ia oli writem ‘Michael’”.

We got to the haus and because every wan was scared (the kids including myself) we decided to all sleep in the sitting room. While the kids including Nick, were sleeping my wife and I stayed up until 12:00pm just singing songs and praising the Lord. We got home at 10:30pm.

Nick has asked me to relay this vision to all the people of Vanuatu. He said the angel told him to tell every one in Vanuatu to repent of their sins and submit to the 10 commandements: “sapos ol man Vanuatu I continue blo brekem 10 commandements wan sign mbae I kam, wan tidal wave we I big wan bitim hemia we I kam fastaem, we wave mbae I kasem 7 kilometers in land”.

I leave you with this scripture: Revelation 22:12

“Listen!” says Jesus. “Iam coming soon! I will bring my rewards with me, to give to each one according to what he has done.



Customs Compliance, Trade and Tariff.


2nd vision

The 9th November 2009 the day before yesterday Jesus appeared to a little girl who went praying in the SDA church for her exams. When leaving the church she saw a light shining through the window and then appeared Jesus with a crown on his head showing himself to that little one "He smiles then in a little while later shining tears run down his face" She ran telling her friends but only 1 little girl followed her. The saw Jesus was still there and screamed back to the school telling the teachers and others. Pepole crowded up at the church but few adults saw Jesus and saw Satan too with horns. School children only saw Jesus. This happened for 3 to 4 hrs Jesus showing himself not to everyone but a few among the crowd.

Here is the scripture given: "Isaiah


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