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Surprise!! :-)
Posted By: icometoworship About Me
Posted On: 7/21/2009 1:26:05 PM

Thank you, Tim!! Things are slowing down a little bit, but we still have so much to do! :-) I had heard really neat stories of how the Lord had brought people together in really cool and supernatural ways, but I certainly never thought that would happen to me. For me, marriage seemed so far away! I really wasn't sure I would ever find a man who was right for me! There were even men that I was interested in or who were interested in me who didn't seem "quite right" for me, but for the sake of getting married, I would shove aside the notions that they didn't really fit me and use the excuses "well, nobody's perfect," or "if God wants me to be with this guy then He'll make us more compatible" and so on. But the Lord showed me how miserable I'd be with the wrong one, and I came to the conclusion that it wasn't even worth getting married if I was going to be stuck the rest of my life with the wrong mate! Anyways, I say all of that Tim to encourage you that the Lord wants you to marry the woman who He has made for you. The Word has a lot to say about marriage and about how it is good for a man to find a wife. God could have used more dust, or plants, or water, or any other thing to make the woman, but He didn't...He made Eve out of the very man who He was making her for. So there is a woman out there who has been fashioned to be the other part of you that's missing....a woman created just for you as Eve was created specifically for Adam!! I know it's a little harder to let these things sink in when you're still waiting for a mate, but take heart that the Lord's timing is perfect and this time of waiting is for your good and for the good of the wife He has for you!! There's no telling who she is or what the Lord's doing in her life, but if it's taking this long, then He must be doing some pretty awesome things in you both! :-) Be encouraged, Tim!! God's hand is on your life and He has a plan for you beyond what you currently realize!!

Love ya bro!


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