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Surprise!! :-)
Posted By: icometoworship About Me
Posted On: 7/21/2009 1:47:54 AM

I know you guys probably thought you'd never hear from me again in here, and for that, I apologize OVER AND OVER!!!! It is true that I'm married now, but I had absolutely no intentions of keeping that from you guys AT ALL....it's just that everything happened so quickly, that I really didn't have time to let everyone know what was going on!! And don't feel bad...I was married before people in my own family knew about it!!! :-) So bear with me and I'll explain all that has happened...it's a wonderful story that I'd love to share with all of you!

And Tim, I went through and read some of the more recent posts concerning your questions about pursuing women and the discouragement that comes with not finding the right one...but I hope that my story will encourage you. I'm almost 32, and I was starting to think that maybe the Lord didn't have a husband for me after all. I've prayed a very long time for a husband, but each and every "possibility" fell through just as you've described it happening to you as well. But take heart my brother, those relationships that have fallen through have absolutely NOTHING to do with you not being worthy of a wife, it just means the wife God has for you hasn't been revealed to you yet!! All these women you've met may seem godly (and maybe they are), but they're not THE ONE who God has fashioned to be Tim K's help meet!! I've spent years feeling rejected by men and feeling forgotten by God, but now I see that the waiting period was neither rejection or forgetfulness, but rather was a time of preparation where the Lord was preparing both me and my husband! Until we were both ready, God couldn't join us!! When God does reveal your wife to you, Tim, everything else (all the disappointments, all the waiting, all the relationships that you wanted but didn't get)....all of that will fade away and disappear, and you'll completely understand and be grateful that these other relationships didn't happen!! I would be miserable if I'd ended up with some of the guys that "I" thought were godly and believed to be "the one for me"!! Don't give up asking the Lord for your wife...He doesn't mind...as long as having a wife doesn't become an idol in your life!! :-) I pray that you meet that perfect partner at the perfect time!!

So.....here goes!! Back in December, I had a dream in which I was at a train station waiting for the train to come in. In this dream, I knew that my husband was on the train, but I had no idea who he was, what he looked like, or even his name. I was asking the Lord how I would know who my husband was, but when everyone got off the train, I still didn't know! I won't go into every single detail, but at the end of the dream I saw my husband. I saw his face and I saw what he was wearing (which is odd because when I see people that I don't already know in my dreams, I usually don't see their faces...but I saw his and I knew I'd never seen him before)!! Well, almost one month later on Jan 1st, I met David...and the second I saw his face, I thought, "Lord, this could be the guy from my dream"! But...he didn't have on the outfit I'd seen in the dream, so I wasn't sure if I was accurate or not. Anyways...I talked to him for a brief time and knew that Jesus had His hand on David's life. I could see Christ all over him!! So I left that night still not knowing if this was the guy from the dream, but I knew he loved the Lord and I knew that "if" he was the one, he would be worth waiting for! Well, I didn't see or talk to David again until Feb 20th, so by that time I was thinking that I had been wrong about him being the guy from the dream! But God organized a trip between David and my dad, so on Feb 20th me, my dad and mom, and David all went to TN to visit some mutual friends. I didn't want to get my hopes up and I still didn't have a clear answer from the Lord, but I knew there was something awesome about him and I was certainly interested (in the event the Lord did open a door)! :-) We all had a great weekend in TN, but I still didn't have a clear answer. However, on Monday morning, the morning we were set to leave(Feb 23rd), I walked downstairs and saw David standing in the living room......and he was wearing the exact outfit that I had seen in the dream!! The most amazing wave of peace ran over me, and from that second, I "knew" that he was the husband the Lord had for me! There were no doubts, no questions, no nervousness, no anxiety....nothing but the most wonderful peace! But I didn't say anything to David because I knew that if it truly was the Lord, then the Lord would show David too! The Lord showed me a long time ago not to pursue a man...so I didn't say one word to David about the dream or anything...I just waited for the Lord to show him. Thankfully though, I didn't have to wait too long *lol*...he called my dad on Wed night and asked if it was okay to call me, and so he called me the very next day!! Come to find out, the Lord had been working in his heart concerning me all the way back to our first meeting on Jan 1, so it only took us two or three phone conversations before the Lord had completely confirmed in both of our hearts that HE was putting us together! Believe it or not, we knew we were getting married before we ever even had our first date!! *LOL* Our relationship came together in such a way that it left both of our heads spinning....we both went from being very single to all of a sudden being "unofficially" engaged almost overnight! It was wonderful, but overwhelming at the same time!! Anyways, we were supposed to go to a retreat at a castle in PA (Tim, you may be familiar with it...it's between Franklin and Oil City and it's owned by a ministry that uses it for retreats, etc) and only two weeks before leaving to go on this retreat did the Lord give us both peace that we were to get married while there! So we had two whole weeks to prepare to get married!!!...which means that I had two weeks to quit my job, get ready not only for the retreat but get ready for a honeymoon as well, AND...I was going to be moving an hour and a half away, so I had two weeks to "sort of" prepare to move too!!! Those two weeks were sooooo busy and chaotic, and that is why so many people didn't realize that I got married!! I just didn't have time to inform everybody with so much else going on!! And after we were gone two weeks, I moved into his house, and I didn't even have internet access until recently....so I'm still trying to catch up on all my communication!! You guys have been such wonderful and incredible friends in Christ, and I never meant to leave you in the dark about my getting married. Hopefully you understand now that it just all happened so very fast that I didn't have an opportunity to let everyone know!! :-D I love you guys so very much, and beautiful Rose, I'll try to email you a picture!! Or mail you one to have!! :^D

Love you guys so much!!


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