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The Lord is good, ask me what's going on
Posted By: tiredtim About Me
Posted On: 12/16/2008 6:30:55 PM

A few weeks ago on a Saturday before Thanksgiving, this is what happened.

I got up early that morning to go to Midas to get some things checked out on my car. When I got there, the place hadn't opened yet, but thankfully they took me right away. While I was waiting I realized something that I hadn't noticed before. Usually when I go to Midas, I'm mostly uptight and full of tension, not liking being there. But I noticed that the peace and harmony of God was over the place, which I thought odd. All the guys there called me by my first name and everything. They'd never done that before. While I was waiting before other people started arriving, I just prayed to the Lord that He would show me what He wanted me to do while there. That I was open to His leading in whatever He wanted me to say or do.

Well after a while, more people started coming in and one guy in particular came in who was a bit of an unsavory fellow with his girlfriend. You could say that it was evident that he had lived a rough life. He seemed to enjoy sharing his past life and used many curse words in the process. I wasn't exactly enjoying it, but I just prayed that God would give me the strength to show grace and mercy. Well the guy started talking to me, but I wasn't in much of a mood to talk. Eventually he stopped talking with me and moved on to other people. After a while he left the place.

Somewhere along the way, this old woman came in who told me that she was soon to be turning 80. That shocked me since she didn't look more than 65 or 70. Then this big black brother comes in and he starts watching a movie on his computer with headphones. He starts laughing and his laughter was contagious.

People continued coming in and out of the place. After a while, I started walking around the shop and heard the black guy talking to the old woman about God and Jesus and the Bible. So I joined in on the discussion. We really got into it and was just having a blast. We didn't care that other people were hearing our stories and hearing us basically give testimony to God and His Word working in our lives. I ended up sharing my story of my experience in Oregon with demons and then the plane flight from about 2 years ago.

From time to time the black dude looked at me and asked me if we'd met before and I told him I was sure we hadn't. Of course, he told me that I looked awfully familiar to him. When I brought up the plane flight (I think I've told you this story before) he asked me when it was again and I told him about 2 years ago. He asked me then what time of year it was and I told him mid-April. He started thinking back and he tells me that around that time his job had him flying out of San Francisco. So he asks me then what day I had flown back and I told him that it was a Saturday, from Portland to Chicago and then on to Baltimore. His flight took him from San Fran to Chicago and then to Baltimore that very same day. He went ahead and asked what airline I took. I had to think about it and then I told him it was American Airlines. He looked at me and was like "yeah, it had to be, I remember that flight. I remember everything you've told me. I was there man." And he was also one of the guys just like me who lost their luggage on the flight.

So I just kind of flipped out cause I wondered why God brought a guy into my life that had been on the same flight as me that almost crashed into another plane during landing. The funny thing is that I do remember a big black brother on the flight and fits this guy quite well. It was just crazy. God is awesome that way, but I just wonder what purpose that served. lol

Well, that's just one of two things, but I've just written a book here, so I'll let you read it and remark about it if you want. lol Sorry for being so long.


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