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Posted By: littlebitseu About Me
Posted On: 7/31/2008 8:22:27 AM

Wow. It's been a very exciting, but crazy week.

I was recently appointed the choir director for the Saturday evening mass at my church. I am really excited about this opportunity, especially since it corresponds with the relocation of my church. The parish is moving to the next town over, and my first week as director is the same as the first week in the new town. Well, that's this week. So it has been chaotic because I had to attend my first music picking session, first choir practice, and on Saturday my first mass in a new building with a brand new sound system!

This week has also been my first week of teacher training. I've been accepted into an alternative certification program, and our first week of training is this week. It's going alright, but I have quite the commute to get to where the classes are being held.

However, I also finally got hired by a school this week! I'm going to be teaching Algebra I in the high school of the same town my church is moving to. I'm thrilled about the position, and I'm looking forward to starting the school year in a couple weeks.

But, now I need to go get dressed and off to my classes!

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