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Hi everyone
Posted By: flutest About Me
Posted On: 7/14/2008 9:59:33 PM

I am so glad I found you all again. I changed jobs two and half years ago and come home and do nothing in the evening. It is a very mentally and emotionaly tough job. And being on the computer most of the day I just don't want to deal with the dial up at home. Joel and Aimee got married in november 2005. John met Abbie at the wedding and they were married in 2007. I have read many of the posts. So Tim when the right one comes along you will know. John told me 2 weeks before he met abbie that he would be single the rest of his life, he would never find the right person. God had other plans and now we have Abbie. She is just the right person for him. We have no grandchildren yet. I satify that desire with kids at work and the yorkie pups.

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Hi everyone (flutest - 7/14)
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