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Boy oh boy
Posted By: icometoworship About Me
Posted On: 6/24/2008 2:21:18 PM

Hey Tim!!

Well, I don't know what's causing the negativity(and by now you may not even be struggling with it anymore :-D), but I know that I've been there, and whatever it is (if it's having to be "brutally" honest with this friend and/or something else), our trust and strength can only come from the Lord. So often, I try to do things my own way and in my own strength, but then "shockingly" it doesn't work *LOL* and then I realize that I absolutely HAVE to depend on the Lord to help me!! I know that I really don't know you, but from what I have gotten to know of you over the years, I do believe that you're a very godly young man who loves the Lord and wants to live a life of obedience before Him....but I also know that a strong walk with the Lord comes with struggles, and it's only because the Spirit within us is constantly at battle with the flesh! We all go through "seasons" of every sort, but seasons do end!! Thank God for that! So be encouraged Tim!!! I hope by now, you're doing better, and more optimism has found its way through!!

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