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Oh yeahhhhhh
Posted By: tiredtim About Me
Posted On: 3/13/2008 4:18:55 PM

Man, God's goodness is sooo good. lol...I know that sounded stupid, but there's just be such freedom that God has placed in my heart and through it a great amount of joy. And I know that this freedom is only found in Christ and this joy is found in Him. Life just seems to be sailing along and all and I really can't complain. lol All good things flow from the hands of God. He's given me what I need and he's placed a lovely lady in my life too. We aren't officially together yet, but it's so obvious that we are intersted in each other. We've been on like 5 dates so far and we have another one planned for this weekend. She makes me smile like no one else. My whole view on relationships has changed so drastically that I find it hard to believe that I used to think any other way. I love the fact that I can be completely myself (meaning who God made me to be) and be deep and have her do that in return. I can actually sit down and have an engaging conversation and know that I'm being heard. There's just so much freedom in that. And all this is because of what God has done in my heart and had given me a better understanding of what it means to give myself away and find joy in doing that.

All right enough rambling on my part. I hope everyone is having a rocking, awesome day.

Peace out!

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