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Hey Tim
Posted By: icometoworship About Me
Posted On: 2/21/2008 2:33:03 PM

I know I'm getting in on this a little late, but what you're writing hits too close to home for me not to say something. I have found myself in similar situations, and although my situations were a little different....the outcome HAS to ALWAYS be the same. Speak Truth!! If the Lord is showing you a truth about this situation and you see "through the Spirit" that it isn't of the Lord, than you have authority through Jesus to speak truth into the issue! If this man doesn't "hear" what you're saying, then you may want to talk to others and take those others with you the next time! Btw, do you have the support of others on what the Lord has shown you? (the elders, pastors, etc have the authority and responsibility to stop this if the Lord is saying, "No, this isn't of ME!!") If he still doesn't receive what you're saying, put him in the Lord's hands and let the Lord deal with him!!

Too many Christians start "ministries" for the simple sake of "having a ministry with their name on it"......the danger is in the fact that anything "man led" leads to ungodliness (pride, arrogance, jealousy, selfishness, greed, spiritual death, legalism, etc) and the words taught are meaningless mumblings that put men back under the law and give no life. Scripture says that the Holy Spirit only guides men to do what Jesus has said do, and Jesus only tells the Holy Spirit to do what the Father says do......so when men start saying they feel "led" to do this, that, or the other, but what they're doing seems out of line with the Word, or unblessed, or if it causes man to be honored rather than God.....than whatever was leading them probably wasn't the Holy Spirit. It's a common thing for Christians to have a "works" mentality......I've fallen into that category many times....feeling like I'm being obedient only when I'm involved in a ministry, or have some kind of title in the church, but the truth is, no ministry or title in the world is an act of obedience unless the Lord has specifically asked someone to do it!

Tim, if the Lord has already shown you that this man is acting on his own desire to have this ministry, then you're absolutely right, "it won't be blessed"! He's in danger not only of being disobedient, but he'll have to answer for the words he speaks into these young peoples lives! I pray the Lord give you the utmost wisdom and discernment as you speak to him and other leaders in the church.

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