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Posted By: littlebitseu About Me
Posted On: 2/11/2008 2:24:26 PM

I definitely understand what you're going through. I've been trying to work on a retreat for young adults and have met with many many roadblocks along the way. In fact, it's still not off the ground.

However, I have a recommendation for you. Instead of trying to convince the current leader that he's wrong, I recommend that you start your own group. Do not make this competition with the original group, but a supplement. This way the groups can have different identities and the young adults can choose to be parts of one or both of the groups. Also this way if one group or another does fall apart, there is something else for those people to fall back on.

I feel this may 1) avoid as many hurt feelings and 2) might actually serve more people. I know that personally, I have needed different styles of groups in different parts of my faith journey. Sometimes I've needed a more laid back/more social group just to make me feel like part of a community. Other times I've needed a group where we delve deeply into our doctrines and our personal faith journeys. Other times I just need others to pray with. If there are different young adult groups with different missions, the young adults at your church can choose which group is appropriate for them where they are current at on their faith journey.

I hope these words help you on your path, and that this group starts to fill you more fully.

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