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Question or something
Posted By: littlebitseu About Me
Posted On: 1/6/2008 1:31:51 PM

First of all, I don't think what your saying sounds harsh. Your not criticizing these women, they just lack the spiritual maturity that you are looking for.

While I could be wrong, I suspect the lack of spiritual depth that you are seeing in our generation isn't a new problem with our generation. I suspect that it has been a growing problem over many generations. Our world is increasingly secular and material, which makes spiritual matters far more difficult to grow deep. But there are definitely many people of our generation who have very deep spiritual roots. And there are others whose roots maybe aren't so deep, but who desire for them to grow deeper. And there are some whose roots are extremely shallow, but don't realize how shallow they really are.

I suspect the women at your church are probably in either the second or third category above. Either they want more spiritual depth and don't know how to grow their spirituality, or they don't even realize they could have something more.

I have a recommendation for you, although I don't know if it is feasible for you. See if there is a Bible Study or young adult group near a university or seminary or theological school that you could join. Especially one that caters to graduate students. I've joined a graduate student group and I've found that this group is more willing to have deep conversations than other groups that I have been a part of. I think part of it is our level of education. We all enjoy studying (to a certain extent) and most of us have studied some theology in our academic careers. We also are used to discussing deep thoughts in our academic lives which make it easier to discuss deep thoughts concerning our faith.

Although I'm certain there are many other places to find people to have these types of conversations with, I hope that my suggestion might help you find friends (if not a "really good" friend) to have deep spiritual conversations with.

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