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Posted By: tiredtim About Me
Posted On: 12/29/2007 1:20:00 AM

I know what you mean...I'm just tired of sitting here being 29 years old and not being able to move on in my life because of this lack of a relationship with a woman. I don't feel like I can do anything right in that area. I see my friends married and I look at myself and ask myself what I'm doing wrong. I even have trouble moving on with God because of this. I know that sounds stupid, but it makes sense to me. I need some freedom to move, but my feet are standing still. I have wanted to ask girls out ever since high school, but I've always been afraid to. I've not felt good enough or worthy enough to have a girlfriend. I've always been fearful of the teasing that I think would come my way if I did find someone that was perfect for me. But then at one time I thought I had, and man she was perfect, but that fell apart. I seemingly can't meet new people these days. It's like an impossibility. The newest people I've met are the ones I work with through a Bible study that I help with at the college I attended back in the day. My friend and I help disciple some at the college on Sundays. But yeah, those girls are at the oldest 21 years old. I'm just not into the girls at my church that are around my age. They're nice friends; they're like sisters, but I can't see them anything more than that. I'm afraid of committing to someone that I'm unsure if she's perfect for me. I also am afraid of committing because I want my parents to approve of her; I want my friends to approve of her too. I think highly of what my friends think and all of them think I'm supposed to end up with some girl that's close to a supermodel, that I deserve the best. But of course, I don't feel like I'm seeing that anywhere. The one that I did want, the one that I felt like she was the one back in the day, she turned me down. We're great friends to this day and I'd give anything to have her. I still have friends, when they see me with her, ask me by silently asking me if we're together and I say no. Then later, they ask me why not, and I tell them that she turned me down back in the day, or she's in a relationship at the time. It's one of those two things. No one understands it why I'm not married yet and I can't ever give a clear answer except that I'm afraid of making a mistake or that I feel so unworthy. I know that's stupid but oh well.

All right, my tiredness is kicking in. I need some sleep. Adios.

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