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Prayers for Rini
Posted By: littlebitseu About Me
Posted On: 12/4/2007 12:10:53 PM

Hey guys. One of my friends at school is in need of some major prayers. Her name is Rini and she has come from Indonesia to Texas to get her graduate degree in math. Studying in the US was one of her lifelong dreams, and she won a prestigious scholarship to come study here. However, she was forced to leave her family in Indonesia. She is married and has two sons, one is 8 years old, and the other is only 8 months old.

She is trying to bring her family to the States with her this winter break. But, 1) they are having trouble getting the appropriate visa for her husband and 2) they have no idea how they are going to afford supporting a family of four on their income. Graduate students don't exactly get paid enough to support four people. Really, it's barely enough to support one. Rini and her husband think they will have to sell their house in Indonesia in order to live here, and that it will likely only give them enough money for a year of rent here.

She's just really scared, because she feels so guilty for leaving them there, but she doesn't know how she'll be able to feed them if they come here. I wish I could do more to help her, but I don't know how other than prayer.

So please pray for this family. They are just trying to give their children the best life possible, but they are hitting so many roadblocks.

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