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Tragic Event
Posted By: icometoworship About Me
Posted On: 11/20/2007 11:43:03 AM

Hey Sas!!! Thank you for your prayers!! My dad was able to see Ruby Friday, and she was doing really really well considering the circumstances. The bullet went straight through her shoulder, but it didn't hit anything that would cause permanent damage...so that's a true blessing! And she and the family are staying really strong, and they all seem to realize that what Odell did, wasn't out of cruelty or revenge of any kind! The daughter was saying that Odell had been showing early signs of alzheimers(sp?) and he was on anti-depression meds....so it seems to be the commonly accepted idea that Odell wasn't in "his right mind" so to say!! The night before the incident, Odell and Ruby had a long discussion about their failing health(Ruby has already had heart surgery and a stroke and Odell was having heart problems and early alzheimers), and Ruby made the comment to him that she didn't know what she would do without him because he had always taken such incredible care of her, and he told Ruby that they would always be together, that he would never leave her! The family truly believes that Odell did what he did thinking he was doing what was best (saving his wife, his family and himself from years of health problems and struggles). It's been a hard thing for the family and friends to understand, but there don't seem to be any hard feelings considering the mindset Odell was under. Odell was buried Saturday!

Thank you again for your prayers!!

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