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Do you have a best friend or more than one
Posted By: icometoworship About Me
Posted On: 11/8/2007 2:37:39 PM

This is kinda hard for me to answer!!! I have many GREAT friends, and several that I would call best friends.......but when it really comes down to the true definition of a best friend, I don't know if any fit the description! Let me explain! My idea of a best friend is someone who really knows everything about me and really understands my heart! However, I live in an area where the way I believe isn't well received by the majority, and many of my friends (although Christians) don't necessarily share the same beliefs. I can't even get very "deep" (as they would call it) with some of these friends(because it gives them headaches), so when we get together, our conversations are shallow!! Then I have other friends who do share the same beliefs, but they live in many other places and are of all different ages, and I rarely ever talk to them so I can't really say we "know" one another! Am I making any sense??? I sure don't feel like it! :-) So I have lots of great friends, but none that truly share my heart! My desire is that the husband the Lord has for me will be all of these things....he will "know" me through and through and have the same "spirit"; therefore, he will be the best friend I've never had!

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