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I feel llike telling you, well...
Posted By: Rose About Me
Posted On: 10/23/2007 8:19:57 PM

You better take some actions there and you don't have to blame girls. Relationship and marriage is like building a house and you don't blame girls for that when you don't even start digging a foundation yet. I know you are talking about a different relationship with females but me and you it works really fine, isn't it hahah. If it works with me then it would work with others, I mean girls, though it would a different kind of realationship. Challenge yourself and put your confidence in God. Do you want a wife to share your life or somoene who is on fire for God. You must first find a wife and then with God's help she would be a person on fire for Him with your help of course. Remember, God is going to use you to help your wife to have a real passion for Him. First, be confident in God and in yourself and take some actions, once you find a wife then help her be on fire for God. My hubby claims to know God but his actions said the contrary and it took me 18 years to love him and finally he realised God's love and power in my life. He now accepts that we go to church and it would take a bit of time for him to give his heart totally to God but God always has a pefect time for everything. I'm praying for Him and the kids too keep praying for their dad.

You have the Name of Jesus so go and ask a girl and sometimes it is not necessarily the girl you would fall in love with who is going to be you wife, well, that was my case and the thing is it was God's plan all along.

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