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Sometimes we need stories..
Posted By: Rose About Me
Posted On: 9/12/2007 10:49:51 PM

to help us understand how much God loves us!!


Here is a touching story of a Chinese Christian woman named Nancy Hong. When she was born her father promised his friend in the village that some day he would give her in marriage to his son Victor Chong.

One day she had an accident which inflicted wounds on her lovely face. Although the wounds healed the ugly scars remained. When she grew up, the boy married her respecting the agreement made by his father. However he had so much hatred for her because of her scared face. Although two lovely children were born to the couple, the husband's hatred for his wife kept growing. He hardly spoke to her but the wife being a committed Christian continued to love and care for him without a word of complaint.

Sometime later Victor was hospitalised with serious problems in both his eyes. Nancy took this as an opportunity to show her love and devotion to her husband. She had taken up some odd part-time jobs and saved a little money. She gave all her savings to her husband. However, he had no word of thanks for her. Soon he instructed that she no longer visit him at the hospital because he could not stand her.

Victor lost both his eyes but someone donated an eye for him. When he came home from the hospital Nancy served him as usual and he ignored her as usual. Suddenly the children shouted "Mummy you must tell him now". Puzzled, Victor turned to look at Nancy. He had a shock, for Nancy had only one eye. He then realized THE LOVING BUT SILENT SACRIFICE SHE HAD MADE FOR HIM... This broke his hardened heart and changed him completely. For the first time Victor found Nancy to be the most beautiful woman ever. Nancy's forgiving heart had touched his life. A few days later Nancy got sick and died within a day. Victor cried like never before because he had never asked for Nancy's forgiveness and he never realized how much he loved her till he lost her.......

We never know if we will survive tomorrow so if there is someone out there that you feel you have not reached out to, reach out to them now, touch their lives and release forgiveness into their heart... Life is too short for regrets...

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Sometimes we need stories.. (Rose - 9/12)

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