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hey big guy
Posted By: Rose About Me
Posted On: 8/30/2007 7:19:11 PM

Honestly, I'm not white but I love blonde lol... and Tim you promised and I'm still waiting!!

I believe you will leave lots of good memories with those kids of yours. I wonder if you have a nickname or something at school. At work, most of my colleagues call me mama and they always telling me they love me, I'm beautiful etc and that is so sweet from them.

You must be looking very Wooooo this time and don't forget to give that smile around heheh. I hope Becca too is working out to have that Woooooo look hahah and Sas too gotta have that Waooh look for Ant.

You people are so sweet and wonderful and I don't mind telling you over and over again. I'm not looking but I believe you are that sweet to those around you as you have always been over these years since I've known you.

Much love

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