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It's raining
Posted By: sassygirl About Me
Posted On: 8/30/2007 8:59:44 AM

yes, anthony loves to help with the babies, he loves them so much! its very sweet! :)

today I am not working out because i have 2 babies and one has to sleep in my exercise room, but that's ok because I have been running a lot, monday I ran 4 miles, tuesday and wednesday I ran 5 miles, its a lot! tomorrow is friday and I cannot wait! I have a long weekend and the main baby I watch is going on vacation, so Im on vacation for a week, maybe one or two days I will watch my nieces and another baby, but not everyday, yay!

it is hot and steamy here today, waiting for it to rain so it will cool off!

hope you are well rose, keep up the exercising! :)

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