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I wish stayed single till my thirties
Posted By: Rose About Me
Posted On: 8/1/2007 5:59:35 PM

I wish I could tell all the ladies how beautiful you are but He knows better and I don't know what He is up to and why it took Him so long to give you someone but I'm sure that He will never let you down and He has probably been waiting on someone...

My heart's broken everyday but I take courage and find strength in the Lord and I always said who loves me better than God and that is where I found hope, love, and peace.

Know that you are loved so much and be strong and be satisfied with His love and then.... I sometimes wanted to be satisfied with the love of man and forget to be satified with my Father's love. When I forget about how He loves me that is when my heart starts struggling with feelings and thoughts and tears but in the end I know He loves me beyond my thoughts, feelings and tears.

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