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Woo Ha
Posted By: tiredtim About Me
Posted On: 7/23/2007 8:15:11 AM

Yeah, so the story of changing the diaper. So I got elected to change the diaper, but I wasn't too into it. Ya know? So Matt's like "I'll help you along with it."

Right before we got the diaper off, the baby passed gas and we all started rolling. Then Matt got the diaper off and it was so gross. I thought I was gonna gag because it looked like mashed corn. lol

So Matt goes to wipe the girl's bottom and he's like "I'm gonna make sure she's all clear and he lifts her up by the legs slight and tilts his head. All the sudden he's like "oh cr--", and he moves his out of the way just in time as projectile poo shot across the changing station.

We all started rolling with laughter. I was laughing so hard I had tears streaming down my face. And then I got her diaper on her and all and the baby was a happy camper after that.

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