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Whew, working out is tough
Posted By: tiredtim About Me
Posted On: 7/6/2007 10:53:06 PM

Man, yesterday I went and got a membership at Gold's Gym. I need more activity in my life, need to burn more fat, need to be around people more without bars or clubs involved, and just need to be happy rather than bored at my place. It's crazy how going there I've already run into a bunch of people I know. Today was the first day with a personal trainer and, man, are my arms tired. I can't even push myself up with my arms they're so worn out and weak now. I guess that's the whole point, though. :-) No pain, no gain. That's how the saying goes. Since working out today, I've been starving too. I'm eating my usual meals, but limiting my snacks now too. Just can't eat all that junk food any more. It's so bad for me. My body is running through food so quickly and yet I have to refrain from eating more food. I don't like that, but I gotta be disciplined. So I am. Sleeping tonight will be great, but getting up tomorrow morning I'm gonna be stiff. Yuck! Oh well, I guess I'm signing off for the night.

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