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Posted By: icometoworship About Me
Posted On: 6/11/2007 3:59:35 PM

I hope we're not fighting!!!!! Cause Tim don't want nunna this!! I'd hate to throw the smack-down on him right here in front of everyone!! *Huge Laugh*

I love these conversations.......I love digging in past the surface, but it's hard sometimes talking over the computer! Sometimes things get misunderstood because we can't hear the tone of voice the other is speaking in, and it's not always easy to write down everything you want to say. Sometimes I read over things I've written, and I realize the way I worded it may have come across differently than I meant it.....or maybe I don't have the time to write the "full" version so I just scratch the surface of what is really on my heart! Anyways....I love this! I love to hear the heart of God's people because there's usually more going on than meets the eye.

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