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Backing up!!! *beep....beep....beep*
Posted By: tiredtim About Me
Posted On: 6/10/2007 10:40:47 PM

I agree that there has been a pecking order formed in the church here in the United States and it does dishearten me to see such a thing having taken place. We believe that if we have people, if we have money, then we are blessed by God. But that's just an idea that has been put forth in our society that says bigger is better, when in actuality it is quality not quantity that counts with God. What I mean by this, of course, is that we are called to teach God's Word as Christ commanded us. I mean he literally told the disciples to teach what He commanded and to also teach all to observe His commandments which means to live them out. Teaching is such an important part of a service and yet we do it so poorly in our country. We have even made worship be more important that God's Word. It's all about me and what I can get out of it, rather than teaching the many different facets of Christianity, whether it be love, grace, healing, prayer, wisdom, mercy, justice, consequence of sin, kindness, self-control, peace and what we can learn from the lives that lived out God's covenant whether it is the Old Testament or the New Testament.

I will also agree that titles have become such an issue here in the states. You mentioned the whole thing about calling a pastor a "King", that's ridiculous and the only person worthy of that title is Jesus Christ. Jesus even warned of obtaining titles. I believe Christ did this because he knew that man would create man into some sort of god-like idol. I've seen it with my very own eyes and it sickens me. At times people have wanted to call me a prophet because of what God shows me and has me to say in meetings. I am wary of that title, let alone that position, because there are many false prophets out there today. I only speak at the Holy Spirits leading and even then I do it out of fear and trembling knowing that I'm responsible before God and He will judge me for not representing Him correctly. But I think the majority of the time I have spoken what was right and some people have either been shocked at the revelation or they have been angered because it reveals a fault that the church has allowed itself to fall into. No one wants to be told they are wrong, but we, the body of Christ, must exercise discernment and judgment in matters when it comes to functioning as the body of Christ. Jesus gave us authority to do these things, but sadly we are human and sometimes abuse that authority. When that happens, for a time, God removes His blessing from us in that area until we are humbled again to be used in such a "high" calling. I think it was even with King Hezekiah that God withdrew His presence to reveal the true intentions of Hezekiah's heart. Talk about earth shattering.

Back to the titles thing though, too many Christians are uneducated by the fact that shepherd, pastor, presbyter, overseer, elder, bishop...these are all one and the same. Yet we have in the United States made these all to be some high level of authority, each having a higher rank the previous one. Christ first and foremost must be the Head of the body, just as the husband is the head of the wife. We learn this in Christ's teachings as well as in the words of Paul. But sadly we have made the Church a w-h-o-r-e (didn't know if this would get bleeped if I actually had it spelled out)by selling out ourselves to feel-good messages that focus on "me" and how I must stand and survive on my own. (I gotta insert this though, we, the church, are just like Israel forsaking our true Husband. God loves us even though we've been His unfaithful Bride.)I thought we are a body, the body of Christ, yet we say that we must do everything by ourselve and alone and if we can't then we are weak and incapable of serving. Strange concept and yet that's how we think. Jesus has become a commodity rather than Lord. He's become the sales pitch in many churches rather than the Savior of the world. His house has become of den of thieves and robbers rather than a house of prayer. People claim revival, yet we manufacture revival and say that we are having "revival" this week. Revival is an outworking of God's Spirit in man's time and place; His pouring out His Spirit and moving man beyond his selfishness into an area of submission and denial of self. Stop trying to make me feel good about myself and start teaching me about the hard truths of the Bible. These truths are contrary to what I see with my eyes in this world, but then again this world is not the kingdom of God. My eyes are for my King and I pledge allegiance to His kingdom before I do so for my country in the physical realm.

Something that God has brought to my mind the last few days is "Is the main thing, the main thing?" It's something that can be said about many different parts of Christianity, but I used it in reference to a church service. What should be the main thing in a church service? It's not worship, though I love worshipping my Lord and King. Community is not even the main thing at a church service. When we gather together as His House, we are to be together with one set initiative and that is to be taught and to learn from His Word. And afterwards, community will happen because that is where His Word is put into practice. If we'd stop focusing on being such great orators and got down to teaching God's Word, and I don't mean expounding on just one verse. I mean literally studying it and delivering it with the full force of all Scripture and the authority it should have in our lives, then we might just be fortunate to be truly Christ's Bride, faithful and true to Him in all matters.

All right I gotta go here and do my devotions for the night. Adios and love ya all.

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