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Hmmm...I gotta defend something here
Posted By: Rose About Me
Posted On: 6/6/2007 11:11:13 PM

... Who can understand the thoughts and ways of the Great I Am. All I do is to give as much as the grace of God has given me. I'm not an intellect, I do little things and I don't ask much question about how others do their work but I ask God to show my mistakes and help me do better for his kingdom. I have my own battles to fight and God sends help through people, friends and His word to encourage me and my strength comes from him. All I know is I am nothing. My life is short and I live my life to please him in little things that I do. I may not have gifts that will make me popular but all I do know how little I have comes from God and I will give Him my very best in serving others. I go to Him in prayer to ask for forgiveness, help and wisdom. My life is short and I don't know when my end comes.

You can carry on the discussion... it is good to hear what you have to say and will somehow help each other.

i'm out.

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