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Hmmm...I gotta defend something here
Posted By: Rose About Me
Posted On: 6/6/2007 8:15:23 PM

Ask God to bless you plan/Ministry and it will be successful. When the purposes and motives are right God stamps His approval and releases His blessings on plans and efforts. After all our efforts/hardwords are nothing because He is the ONE Who gives the blessings, every blessings come from Him. Your heart and motives and important or else your efforts are useless. God gives talents and gifts, we have nothing. We discover little by little everything that God had placed within us from the very frist day He breathed His breath of life into our being formed in our mother's womb. So everything was there and placed there for this only purpose to use it for His glory. Whatever you have within you that the Holy Spirit reveales to you day by day, use them for God's glory. Do whatever is right and encourage each other. Trying to judging others how they should do things is useless, only God knows what is right. God alone will have the last word in every plans, efforts and in everything we do and that is where His blessings come, physical, spiritual and financial blessings. Do whatever you have to do to save His elects by setting your hearts and minds right with God in everything you do.

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