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Hmmm...I gotta defend something here
Posted By: tiredtim About Me
Posted On: 6/6/2007 5:42:04 PM

One thing I want to remind you of, I do agree with the Paul statement. It's a sobering reminder that ministry itself should not be the only means of salary, but the Bible does mention something else. I do think it was Paul who said "A laborer is worth his wages" or something like that. So in other words, if he has worked for the spread of the Gospel, then he is worthy of receiving money for the work he has put in. One time I even went to my old church back in Ohio. I was visiting and asked if I would guest speak at the youth night. It was just the next day! Funny thing God had spoken to me on what to speak the day before without my being asked. So I agreed. I laid it out to the teens and spread my heart wide open to them revealing how precious God's Word is and where I had failed in my own walk. Afterwards, the youth pastor handed me an envelope and I opened it, inside was $40. I was shocked. I didn't expect any payment. The youth pastor told me that I had done the work of God and thus I was worthy to receive. I told my mom that I felt that I had to give the money back. My mom reminded me that one of the principles the church always ran on there was that a laborer was due his wages and thus I should gladly receive it with open arms.

In reference to your issues about the Christian Music Industry, we have to remember that it is an industry and that means it has to make money or the labels will fall through. It is a hard line to walk of ministry and entertainment. We must remember that it is entertainment to one extent and the other is that it is a ministry. Some artists are just called to create good art (though some do make some pretty miserable pieces) and some are called to minister to people through music. Both can be honorable to God as long as the heart of the artist is right before God.

Also, there's a big reason why artists and bands must go on tour and why they need to sell their cds. In the music industry (mainstream or Christian), they run on a point system. The band or artist is forwarded a sum of money to make the cd, which the band must pay back by sales. By the amount of sales a band makes, they earn points...I don't know how many points they have to earn, but I know it's a lot. So the majority of cds a band sells is very important...If they don't sell a certain amount, then they haven't paid the label back the money that really belongs to the label in the first place that was used for making the cd. This money too has to be dispensed to cover all kinds of other changes like paying the producer, executive producer, the mixer, and such. So the money actually grows smaller the number of hands it goes to. This means that there's more payback that has to happen. So all these points must be racked up by an artist or band. Then the label funds putting a band on tour. This costs money, so the band needs to again sell more cds and more merchandise to build up that point system. If they are fortunate, then they can actually make some money. But there's a lot of small bands out there in the industry, so they usually are lucky to break even. Everything in music costs something to make it. All that we can do as the consumer is pray for the artists and bands and hope that God's truth and way is honored in all things.

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