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Oh Yeah
Posted By: icometoworship About Me
Posted On: 6/4/2007 11:26:13 PM

I've been going through some warfare myself as of late....and you're absolutely right.....the spiritual affects the physical and visa versa! When I'm busy all the time and don't get enough sleep, I just feel drained.......and my spiritual walk isn't nearly as strong....or when I'm not spending enough time with the Lord, it seems to affect my motivation! The Lord has really been dealing with me lately about living a life completely surrendered to Him....a life where the flesh is ignored, where the flesh is constantly under the authority of the Spirit. I'm not there yet, but boy do I desire to be!!!

And yes, the Lord gives us all wonderful gifts and I believe we are certainly to use them for His work and His glory to minister to and exhort the Body of Christ. Jesus told the disciples, "freely you have received, freely give." With the love of money being so prominent in the church today, that verse is almost always preached along with the giving of tithes, but when Jesus said it, money didn't have anything to do with it!! He was talking about spiritual gifts...."freely you have been given these spiritual gifts....freely you must use them"!!! The word "freely" in the KJV means "without charge"!! I believe today's church has gotten ssoooooo far from how Christ intended His Body to operate. The church is full of paid positions...none of which are scriptural....Paul does say that the Body should take care of those ministering the Gospel(but taking care of them doesn't necessarily mean "salary"), he speaks against the ministers who "expect" payment or who teach for "filthy lucre"!.....was Paul himself not a tentmaker? He worked for a living....he didn't "make it big" as an Apostle....he didn't use his ministry to gain financially....what little was given to him was simply to provide for his "immediate needs" while he traveled, and most of what he was given was in the way of food and shelter and maybe transportation. It's amazing how the church interprets the Word based on selfish desire and gain....and I believe some pastors, evangelists, etc don't have selfish intentions, but are just following "what they've always been taught"! I have a real problem for instance with the Christian Music Industry....here you have hundreds of men and women given incredible musical abilities and talents, but in the end, it's the artists themselves gaining wealth, popularity, Dove awards(doesn't the Bible say something about not working for earthly rewards?), and last but not least, they all become the subject of idol worship!! BUT IT'S ALL FOR GOD??? I must have missed something!?!?! All of their gifts come from the Lord, but it seems to me that the Lord gets the least amount of attention. How many concerts have you and I and countless others been to where the majority of the people present are more interested in the person on the stage than Christ?? Sure, Jesus' name is tossed around here and there, but if Jesus were really the focus, people would ignore the artist and be so in love with Christ that they wouldn't even think about recognizing the the musicians! Wouldn't they? *sigh*

All of this comes back to what I was saying earlier......I want to walk in the Spirit at all times so that these ideas of men don't pull me away from the truth of Jesus! Men can put God's name on anything and make it seem legit, but God will eventually expose man's effort and at that point, I want to be standing on the side of the Father, not on the side of man!

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