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Oh Yeah
Posted By: tiredtim About Me
Posted On: 5/30/2007 10:36:30 PM

I hear what you are saying about Spiritual Warfare. Since April it's just seemed like a lot of things have gone wrong in my life and temptations have become so heavy and I've become so weak and unwilling to fight. Thankfully I forced myself out of that apathetic mood this week and have been fighting back, but that doesn't mean that I haven't gotten any bruises in the process. It is a battle definitely. And sometimes God puts us in those battles to awaken us from our slumber. Some people I think forget the spiritual realm affects the physical realm and the opposite happens too, the physical affecting the spiritual. It's almost like a balancing act I guess. Thankfully there are some in this world who haven't been blinded by the flash and dash of churches in the United States and have remained sober-minded and discerning to recognize what is truly of God and what it the heartless ambitions of man. Discernment is a great gift that God has bestowed on those who truly want to serve Him. Sadly there are those who have the gift, but have abused it somehow or are not using it at all. We have to remind ourselves that gifts not used can be taken away by the Giver of All Good Gifts. Like let's say my ability to write lyrics. I've been writing a lot of praise and worship songs lately and some hard hitting songs that keep me rooted. Plus I've been writing rap songs that show what God has done in giving me wisdom and knowledge in writing as a piece of art, but plugging His truth in there. If I didn't use this ability of writing, I know that God would take it away. I literally get blown away sometimes by the things that I write and I wonder where it came from. Then a big "DUH" pops in my head and my spirit within me says "Well, Tim, obviously not you. You're just a tool and God is the Artist. He's just using you as His pen to write His story through you." And well that remark right there just floored me, talk about being humbled by that previous quotation. All right I'm out.

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