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I'm about to scream!!! LOL
Posted By: icometoworship About Me
Posted On: 5/29/2007 12:25:19 AM

OK Tim........this better work or I'll just forget the whole thing! I've tried several times to respond to the conversation we had going on last week.....I tried several days ago, and I've tried tonight, but I keep getting an error message, so maybe the "thread" is at it's end and no more messages can be tagged on it. So I'm continuing the Spiritual Warfare conversation here. I hope you didn't feel like I was ignoring you or didn't agree with what you were saying. However, since my first "very long" response got deleted during the error problem, my current response is much shorter!

It's a shame how many in the body of Christ are completely unaware of there being any warfare in the spiritual realm. And if they don't know it exists, they certainly won't battle against it or know how! Through Christ we have more power and authority than we realize to battle against such things. I won't tell the whole story on here (I'll email it to you if you like), but when I was in Africa, I learned of spiritual warfare that literally kills people unless you have Christ! The stories I heard are ones that will definitely prove how powerful our Lord really is!! Satan will never defeat Jesus!!

And on talking spiritual matters, I too love to talk about the Lord and what He's up to. There are some who I can talk to for hours about the Lord, while there are others that "get headaches" when the conversation goes past their shallow understanding!! *sigh* It's sad and frustrating. On the whole, the church isn't teaching about the holiness, righteousness and judgement of God; therefore, many Christians don't have any "fear" of Him, and many don't seek a relationship with Him. There is soooo much of the world in Christians today (especially in this country), but it's so "normal" that many don't see it! Anyway.....I said I wouldn't say alot.......so I'll quit with that! :-)

It's really late, and I'm about to fall over.....so I'm going to "hit the hay"!!!

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