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I read your posts with a big smile
Posted By: Rose About Me
Posted On: 5/20/2007 6:41:16 PM

You are so lucky I wasn't around. Tim you will be a good husband but sometimes God won't give you the kind of wamon you wanted and Becca as well. I loved Jesus since I was a kid and God gave me someone so hard to live with and these struggles and hadtimes I've been through has now become a ministry. Today there's many changes in my husband's life not because of what I did or how I coped all along these years but because of God's love within me. Last month my husband noticed changes in people's life that came to know us but particularly his close realives, his nephews (big kids with children). He said "you have made an impact on those kids and they were so attached to you". I looked at him and said, I'm not trying to impress anyone through the things I did, I only do what is right, I just loved them." I believe God had a something big for my husband. This week I talked to him about it a bit. When God has something in mind to change someone though how bad or cruel he may have been, neither the person himself or any other will change his mind and though how hard they tried keep themselves back from the call of God in they lives, God has the final word.

Don't worry about who you will have as you mate, God has definetely the power to do wonders in peoples life.

You are both so wonderful and I love you so much.

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I read your posts with a big smile (Rose - 5/20)
I read your posts with a big smile (icometoworship - 5/29)

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