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no one here yet...
Posted By: icometoworship About Me
Posted On: 3/21/2007 9:41:56 PM

The weather here has been really weird and unusual.....we've had weeks when it was really cold and icy and then a few weeks later it was so hot and sunny that the flowers started blooming early! For the first time in my life, I mowed our lawn in January and then again a week ago. We usually don't have to start mowing until April. It was 84 degrees last week and then in the 40's/50's this last weekend......crazy!! But it's supposed to rain tonight I think!

I do believe that the Lord uses angels in our lives......and I believe that for the most part, we are completely unaware of their presence.....although I think they can come in human form as well. I say that last part because of course angels appeared to men in the Bible, but also(on a more personal note)while my dad was in Africa many years ago, he and some other men got stranded in the bush(in the middle of nowhere), and all of a sudden this bushman comes from out of nowhere and helps them. He fixed their jeep(he appears from nowhere and "just happens" to be a mechanic), and then turned and walked away. When my dad turned around to thank the man for his help, the man was nowhere in sight(and there were no trees or buildings or anything he could have hidden behind). To this day, he believes the man was an angel. But I say all that only to get to the main point.....although I do believe in angels, I know man is not to worship them. I think it's a shame that the Lord would have His angels watch over and protect us only to have us "man" worship the angels instead of Him. Even the angels in the Bible told men that they were not to be worshipped. So anyway....I know you weren't asking for a book, but that's what I think of angels. :-)

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