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My unofficial relationship
Posted By: tiredtim About Me
Posted On: 10/15/2006 10:50:32 PM

Well, now my heart has been in turmoil for the past two weekends. And so now, I'm holding on to threads when it comes to the feelings I have about this girl. The only thing my heart is telling me is that I shouldn't give up on her until I get to talk with her and basically ask her if there's more than just friendship going on between us. Yeah, this just bites majorly. I've come close to crying a few times cause I'm just feeling in the dark about this all. I don't know what to think or feel exactly, but I'm just praying to God about it. She's got what I'm looking for, but I'm just clueless right now. I need to call her this week and see if we can talk face to face to figure things out. I hate this feeling. I've never felt so torn in my life. I guess all I'm asking for is prayer in knowing what to do. I mean I think what I've said is what I should do, but you never know. Alright, i'm jabbering on too long...I'm out


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My unofficial relationship (tiredtim - 10/15)
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